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Australian Medical Aid Foundation

Donate to Mahillaham Project

AMAF - GoFundMe

The current reality

Sri Lanka continues to rebuild itself after being shattered by a 30 year civil war and natural disasters including the Tsunami. Children alone were witness to multiple displacements, injury, detention, torture, and loss of family, friends and homes. These children are resilient yet the psychological impact of these experiences is often overlooked and Health Services in North East Sri Lanka are overwhelmed and are struggling to assist these children.

What is the AMAF doing?

We know school-based programs are one of the most effective intervention strategies that can be implemented. To meet the psychosocial needs of these vulnerable children, the Australian Medical Aid Foundation have established “The Mahillaham project”, as part of its larger Children’s Psychosocial project.
The Mahillaham, which means a “Happy Place” in Tamil, will be an allocated space in each school where children can do their work peacefully, engage in psychosocial activities and receive support from the trained master teachers/counsellors.
AMAF is working towards establishing a Mahillaham in most schools across Jaffna and Vanni. We need your help to raise enough funds to deliver this valuable project.

What can you do?

Tamil New year is fast approaching on April 14th 2016 and it is a customary tradition to receive money from parents called ‘Kaivishesham’ for prosperity and good luck for the year ahead. This year we are asking that you spare a thought for these children and donate a part or all of your Kaivishesham towards our Mahillaham project. For those who don’t receive Kaivishesham, we hope you can donate a part of your wage or pocket money to support this worthy project.

Help us spread the word about the “The Mahillaham project” by sharing a picture of your “happy place”. Share your image on social media under the hashtag #MyHappyPlace #Kaivishesham4kids. We encourage you to tag 3 other people you challenge to share their own happy place and donate towards this wonderful cause!

Bring in the new year by making a difference and giving these children an opportunity to heal, thrive and continue being resilient superheroes.

We are a foundation built on the reputation of doctors alike helping communities less fortunate than us. Our aim is to supply, medical aid, equipment, training and resources to those affected in war-affected countries. Medical supplies are vital to the wider community. We aim to achieve this.

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