Paraplegic projects: Through Sivan Arul Illam.

Paraplegic projects: Through Sivan Arul Illam

  • We provided Rs. 4000 per month per person to look after their hygiene and urinary catheter care.
  • At present AMAF is supporting 50 special need people.
  • We have also built 10 wells for those people with special needs
  • Current Cost at time of publishing – Rs. 2.4 Million per annum

Pre-intern program in Kilinochi and Mullaithevu district

Pre-intern program in Kilinochi and Mullaithevu district: COST: Rs. 3.5 Million

AMAF had commence pre-intern program in 2011 with 6 pre-interns. AMAF now pays salary (Rs. 30,000 per pre-intern per month) to 11 pre-interns to be employed in remote areas of Kilinochi and Mullaithevu districts. These areas are unmanned by government doctors.

This project is proudly supported by Junior branch of AMAF (NSW).

Automated Blood Culture Machine: Jaffna University Infectious Disease department

Automated Blood Culture Machine: Jaffna University Infectious Disease department

 Cost: Rs. 5.5 Million

As per request from Dr. Mathy Ambalavanar, and with the recommendation of IMHO-USA, AMAF has funded 1st Automated Blood culture Machine in North East of SL. This machine will give a quick results of any blood infection for immediate and accurate treatment. This avoid complications, the longer wait for patient and free up beds sooner. As you know the patients are seen on bed, floor and corridors of Jaffna Hospital. Dr. (Mrs) Mathy Ambalavanar is committed to provide the service to NOT only the Jaffna hospital, but also to the entire Northern province whenever the service needed.

Supply Medical Equipment to 3 Hospitals

Medical Equipment to 3 hospitals: Puthukkudiyiruppu, Mullaithevu and Tellippalai Hospitals. Cost: Rs. 4.0 Million

AMAF funded necessary medical equipment to 2 war affected Vanni hospitals (Puthukkudiyiruppu, Mullaithevu) and Tellippalai Hospital. In total there were 45 items costed Rs. 4.0 Million
(approximately AUD$39,000)

  • The medical equipment includes
  • Multipara (cardiac) monitors
  • Pathology equipment
  • Equipment to Emergency Department
  • Other associated necessary medical & surgical equipment.

These equipment will be delivered to those hospitals through the NPC ministry of Health (for their audit).

Doubling the capacity of Eye Clinic of the Jaffna Hospital

Doubling the capacity of Eye Clinic of the Jaffna Hospital: by donating necessary eye equipment. Cost: Rs. 12 Million

Following a request from Dr. Malaravan (Ophthalmologist) AMAF agreed to fund the eye clinic of Jaffna hospital. It is indeed a partnership project with Local Rotary club of Kellyville, NSW. AMAF funded 50% of the project.

The project will allow the staff to see double the number of patients each day and this will reduce the waiting list to days, NOT weeks or months. TOPCON company has installed 2 Slit Lamps and 1 Auto Refractory Machine in Jaffna Hospital. The YAG laser and other equipment will be delivered in August 2014. I thank and congratulate Haran for his efforts to combine Rotary club.

The opening ceremony of the new eye clinic is scheduled for 4/10/2014.

I would like to thank Dr. Abirami Yoganathan (collected funds through her Dance academy, ACT) and Johnny and team which ran AGE marathon and collected money for these 2 slit lamps.